In the middle of the debate about the benefits of the "slow living" lifestyle we prefer to"Live Faster".

(When you live faster you live more, when you live more you do more things when
 you do more things you are better. When you believe in yourself, you win for sure.

We challenged our F1 TV hosts to explain their lives as fast as possible.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

We also developed a strong digital and print campaign around the country and inside our platform. The visuals match with all the pieces using vivid colors and that plays with deformations caused by the speed.

Clint & Agency: Movistar+
Executive Creative Director: Iñaki Martikorena
Creative Director: Íñigo Ancizu
Art Director: Victor Mazariegos
Copywriter: Bruno Bernardo
Designer: Felipe Morales

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