A few months ago I made the imprudence of getting into a Master Degree of Digital Product Design. Despite the initial spill and after a lot of Chinese sounding words, I graduated and this is my final project.
The purpose of the project was to improve a product or service that still works analogically and with a bad customer experience process. After some ideation sessions we arrived to the conclusion that maybe a digital burial company could be an interesting idea.
We started with a research plan and after a lot of interviews and data analsis we verified three hipotesis:

· Most of us fantasize about how our funeral it's gonna be, but we never make it happen.

· We prefer to go to funerals that leave a good memory and talk about the deceased.
· Organizing a funeral is a very tedious process, the treatment is very impersonal and does not help the relatives during the loss process.
Once we defined and checked the previous hipotesis, after a long process of ideation, we defined a big purpose that helped us to create the idea:
We are going to redifine the concept of a funeral ceremony, creating a farewell event that transmit the personality of the deceased, leaving a good memory to the relatives.
With the purpose in our minds we came back to the ideation to define how our digital product would be. That's how we created Leave, a digital service that allows you to organaize your farewell event (or the farewell of a relative) online and totally customized.
I took care of all the design and illustration, learning how to use cocreation tools like Sketch, Figma or Miro.

There is more!

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